Testimonial–Buyers Moving from California to Colorado

Hamid and Rebecca


“Mario has been a fantastic realtor.  Thoughtful, thorough, giving guidance and mastery in the negotiation process at just the right times.  We got our house, truly, because of Mario.  We began looking in Boulder.  We were attracted to specific areas, and moving from out of town, we started with attention to areas we thought we wanted, but with time, our eyes go wiser.  Mario worked with us throughout this time.  The community that we are now excited to be a part of – the wonderful combination of a relaxed, invested community with all of the beauty of the area – is Louisville.

Mario worked with us over 2 years, for multiple visits, while we began exploring of moving.  Once we were ‘ready’ to really look in Fall 2014, we had our house within two weeks (two visits).  He worked deftly through the negotiation, guiding us to a grounded position.  This was something I did not think was possible with real estate.  My husband and I felt like we were entirely clear.  Mario negotiated with a position of integrity and honesty.  We got the house with two offers on the table, due to our clarity and his wise-compassionate negotiation approach.

In the end, our offer was $10K below the other, and it was the way we did the offer and process that made the difference.  We couldn’t be more happy and satisfied.  The sellers are very satisfied too, and they confirmed all we thought.  Mario helped us materialize deeper than a property-financial transaction.  He is masterful, exceptional, and authentically someone who can make things happen.  Very happy to recommend him.”

Rebecca and Family:  Moving from the Bay Area in California to Louisville, Colorado

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