New Realtor Tips for Hosting an Open House and Connecting with Clients

Most new Realtors will not have their own listings so see if you can host an Open House for an Agent’s listing in your office.

What is best is to search the MLS and see if you can find a listing which fits your niche or area of expertise and is a listing of an Agent in your office. Ideally try to find a listing in a high demand area so you are assured of getting good traffic. New Realtors who work in big offices will benefit here. Quick side point, if you expect a ton of traffic then ask another new Agent to double up with you so you can share the customers as they enter the house. I’ve held some Open Houses where I’ve gotten over 40 people attending.

Once you have found a listing and gotten approval from your colleague then plan accordingly. Quick note here if the Listing Agent asks you for a referral on any leads then find another listing. You are helping the Listing Agent by holding the Open House so you are not obligated to offer a referral fee.

First step for the Open House is ask the Listing Agent or admin in your office to update the MLS and post when you will be holding the Open House–day and time in the MLS.

Post the Open House info on your blog, social media and craigslist. Network with your sphere and let them know you’re holding an Open House. If you have time and money I recommend doing a post card mailer promoting your Open House to build even more buzz.

Marketing material for Open House–MLS sheet on the listing and have a nice color marketing sheet on you–in fact, have two, one for Buyers and one for Sellers. Bio on you and describe your expertise as a Buyer’s Agent and Listing Agent. Get a simple sign-in sheet so you can put at the front door for people to sign in. Name, phone number, email.

Day of Open House–get the signs up around the neighborhood. Get to the property early to make sure everything is OK, place is clean and tour the property then or prior to make sure you know it well. If the Sellers still live there you can ask them to make chocolate chip cookies to get a nice smell going in the house. Or you can boil a pot of water and put in vanilla extract. Avoid the strong plug-in air fresheners. Buyers hate them.

When people come to the front door, welcome them in, introduce yourself, name and company. Be a professional and dress accordingly. Ask them to sign-in and say it’s a request of the Seller and that your company also wants to have a log of attendees.

Make them feel welcome, smile, tell them a few highlights of the property and then tell them to feel free to go check out the house. Don’t hover around them, sales resistance is at its highest when you first meet a prospective customer.

Biggest key to making a connection and getting Open House attendees to work with you going forward is that you have to get them to like you and trust you and have confidence in your abilities and skill as a Realtor. They have to feel comfortable with you and you need to develop a strong rapport with them in a very short time. This is huge, I know the times I have gotten clients from Open Houses is when I was able to connect personally with them. It is very simple, make a strong personal connection and assure them you have the skills and abilities as a Realtor to help them.

After they tour the house a bit I will check in with them to see if they have any questions and then do the best I can to make a personal connection and answer their questions. I always ask after I have spent some time building rapport if they have a Realtor, I don’t do this right away because I want them to feel special. If they have a Realtor then you know and you can move on to the next prospective customer.

Make sure if they don’t have a Realtor they get your business card and color flyer on you. Get their contact information as well, phone and email are ideal–just make sure they have it entered into the sign-in log.

Follow up accordingly after the Open House with your potential new Client.

Good luck!

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