How Do You Set Yourself Apart from the Competition as a Realtor?

How Do You Set Yourself Apart from the Competition?

How Many Real Estate Agents are you competing against?  A lot!  Last year in my daughter’s fifth grade class of 25 students four of the parents were Realtors.  (including me)

The Failure Rate for Real Estate Agents is very high?  Why is that?  Inability to generate leads on a consistent basis over time.

What do the Top Producing Agents Do Differently–How do they set themselves apart from the competition?

What is your Competitive Advantage?  Do you have one?

I just added this video module to my video training course:  Your First Day as a Real Estate Agent

I am so excited about this video training course.  All new Real Estate Agents need to buy this course and watch the videos.  Good luck!


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