What are the Biggest Challenges for Realtors?

Building and Maintaining a Profitable and Repeatable Business Model

Profitability:  How do I increase sales while at the same time remain profitable?

How do I find new Clients?  How can I grow my business?

It’s so competitive when trying to get a listing, how can I improve my listing presentation?

How do I stay current with technology?

How do I set myself apart from the competition?

It’s frustrating working with other Agents who are not professional and do a poor job.

Commissions are shrinking.  How do I increase my gross commission year to year?

Sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated when I keep doing the same thing over and over.

These are just a few of the challenges and issues which face Realtors on a daily basis.

How can I help?  I can be your guide by offering my services with my book, my training courses, my podcast and my coaching program.

I personally feel the biggest roadblock to success in the real estate industry is ineffective and poor training.

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The Honest Real Estate Agent

Mario Jannatpour





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